Gombe Chimpanzees

Welcome to The Jane Goodall Institute Research Center, home to over 50 years of data from Gombe!

Welcome to Gombe

Here you can take a journey with both researchers and chimpanzees to discover what a day in the life of a Gombe chimpanzee looks like and what it takes for researchers to follow and take note of their behavior. Researchers at Duke University work together with the Jane Goodall Institute to monitor, record, archive and analyze the lives of the approximately 100 chimpanzees who call Gombe National Park home. Read More

Researcher Blog Posts

December 4, 2015 |

Female Chimpanzees, for whom Age is but a State of Mind – by Joseph Feldblum

    It’s better to burn out than to fade away – Neil Young   It’s the rainy season here in...

April 26, 2015 |

Goodbye to Gombe, Hello to New Babies!

Tomorrow, I leave Gombe. After nearly 8 months in residence, my impending departure feels like both welcome...

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Fun Activities

Don’t just read about the chimps–be an eyewitness! Learn how the chimpanzees look, sound, and act in the wild.


See chimpanzee behaviors that researchers have observed at Gombe

Vocal Communication

Want to know what a chimpanzee sounds like?

Tool Use

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Chimpanzees have given me so much. The long hours spent with them in the forest have enriched my life beyond measure. What I have learned from them has shaped my understanding of human behavior, of our place in nature. Jane Goodall